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Use of quality compost on arboreus cultivation to improve soil fertility | Fecondo | Italian Journal of Agronomy
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Use of quality compost on arboreus cultivation to improve soil fertility

Giovanni Fecondo, Grazia Guastadisegni, Mario D’Ercole, Maria Del Bianco, Pietro Antonio Buda


In the last years, thank to remarkable technical-scientific progresses, agricultural production has reached very high values with regard to quantitative and qualitative aspects. To reach these objectives, the collectivity must pay high prices, as reduction of fertility soils, greater risk of erosive process in the hill areas, pollution of surface and deep water and of air, because the use of agrotechnical means (fertilizers, pesticides, mechanical means) isn’t often appropriate. In two farms located in Scerni and Monteodorisio, we have carried out an experimental trial on a vineyard and on a olive grove, with the objective of using the quality compost obtained from the mixture of organic fraction of urban solid waste and the lignocellulosic residues, in order to recover organic refuses and to verify the possibility of improving the soil fertility. After two years of trials, we have found higher contents of organic matter and nutritive elements in the soil. The use of compost has not modified the quantity and the quality of products.

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Submitted: 2010-12-27 12:01:30
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