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Problems in Teaching Tenses to Turkish Learners | Çakır | Theory and Practice in Language Studies
Theory and Practice in Language Studies, Vol 1, No 2 (2011), 123-127, Feb 2011

Problems in Teaching Tenses to Turkish Learners

İsmail Çakır


This study focuses on the problems in teaching tenses to Turkish students at university level in Turkey. Some of the problematic and confusing tenses such as Past Simple and Present Perfect Tense, Present Continuous and Present Simple, Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense Teaching grammar have been handled throughout this study with the data obtained from the written exams of the learners. Most frequently occurred errors have been listed and they have been analyzed in detail. The findings reveal that the reasons for these errors mostly derive from mother tongue interference and lack of adequate linguistic background. The other component of this article is to offer remedial teaching activities for foreign language learners to compensate the shortcomings.


tenses; grammar; mistake; error; foreign language; mother tongue interference; teaching


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