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Bis{2-hydroxy-N-[2-(2-pyridyl)ethyl]benzamide}copper(I) tetrafluoridoborate

Acta Crystallographica Section E

Structure Reports Online

Volume 66, Part 2 (February 2010)

metal-organic compounds

Acta Cryst. (2010). E66, m173    [ doi:10.1107/S1600536810001364 ]

Bis{2-hydroxy-N-[2-(2-pyridyl)ethyl]benzamide}copper(I) tetrafluoridoborate

Z. Wang, D. R. Powell and R. P. Houser

Abstract: The title complex, [Cu(C14H14N2O2)2]BF4, is a monomeric copper(I) species with linear two-coordinate geometry around the CuI atom. The asymmetric unit contains two half-cations that sit on crystallographic twofold rotation axes. The selected crystal was non-merohedrally twinned by a twofold rotation about an axis normal to the (100) family of planes. The ratio of the twin components refined to 0.4123 (6). Two 2-hydroxy-N-[2-(2-pyridyl)ethyl]benzamide ligands coordinate to each CuI atom via the pyridyl N atom. Intramolecular hydrogen bonding between the phenol OH groups and the amide O atoms imparts rigidity and planarity to the non-coordinating end of the ligand. The cationic complex is linked to the BF4- anions via hydrogen bonding between the amide NH groups in the cations and BF4- anions.

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