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Video Watermarking Robust Against Spatio-Temporal Attacks | BI | Journal of Networks
Journal of Networks, Vol 6, No 6 (2011), 932-936, Jun 2011

Video Watermarking Robust Against Spatio-Temporal Attacks

Hongbo BI, Yubo ZHANG, Xueming LI


Space-time interest points (STIP) represent the significant variations in video, which do not alter greatly under spatial and temporal attacks and can enhance the robustness of video watermarking. In this paper, a novel video watermarking scheme exploiting STIP in DCT-SVD (Discrete Cosine Transform – Singular Value Decomposition) domain is proposed. Unlike the usual algorithm, STIP are selected by global and local steps. All global STIP are ordered in ascending order according to their response values, and STIP corresponding to the first several global response values are selected to maintain the stability. Afterwards, the STIP with largest local response value in one frame is selected as the center to generate square embedding region. The region is transformed into DCT-SVD domain, and the mid-frequency coefficients are segmented to embed the watermark by modifying the norm of the largest singular value using quantization. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme guarantees high peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), and is very robust against frame swapping, frame insert, frame dropping, noising, filtering etc.


video watermarking, Discrete Cosine Transform, Singular Value Decomposition, Space-Time Interest Points


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