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Acta-grb.jpg - 2079 BytesACTA FAC. MED. NAISS. 2003; 20 (1): 1-5

Pregledni rad


Tomica Milosavljević, Aleksandar Nagorni
Clinic for digestive disease, Clinical Center Serbia, Beograd and Clinic for gastroenterology and hepatology Clinical Center Niš


Helicobacter pylori was identified in 1979, but cultivated in Australia in 1982. Warren and Marshall were responsible for discovery. But, in the previous one hundred years, a lot of scientists tried to prove hipothesis about possible association between peptic ulcer disease and spiral microorganism. Numerous authors were objectivated H. pylori on some way. Consensus Conferences in Maastricht in 1996 and 2000 and First Consensus of Yugoslav Gastroenterologic Association gave us recommendation and guideline for diagnostics and treatment of H. pylori infection.

Key words: H. pylori, spiral microorganism, Warren and Marshall