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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 03)
Article Information:

Dynamic Responses of Truss Spar Due to Wave Actions

V.J. Kurian, C.Y. Ng and M.S. Liew
Corresponding Author:  V.J.Kurian 

Key words:  Diffraction theory, long crested waves, morison equation, short crested waves, , ,
Vol. 5 , (03): 812-818
Submitted Accepted Published
June 09, 2012 July 04, 2012 January 21, 2013

Spar platforms have been used for drilling, production and storage of oil and gas in the offshore deepwater region. The structure is installed at the deepwater locations in the sea and is exposed to continuous action of wind, wave, current and other environmental forces. Wave force constitutes about 70% of the total environmental force and could be considered as the most significant force affecting the dynamic responses needed for the design of these structures. In this study, the dynamic responses of the truss spar due to wave actions including the wave force theories and wave propagation directions are investigated. Numerical simulations are developed to investigate the accuracy of the wave force theories i.e., Morison equation and Diffraction theory, for large structure such as truss spar. The investigation is further expanded to study responses of the truss spar due to variations directions of the wave propagated. The truss spar is modelled as a rigid body with three degrees of freedom restrained by mooring lines. In the simulation, the mass, damping and stiffness matrices are evaluated at every time step. The equations of motion are formulated for the platform dynamic equilibrium and solved by using Newmark Beta method. To compute the wave force for truss spar, which is large compared to the wave length, Diffraction theory was found to be more appropriate. The Morison equation was found applicable only at the high frequency range. Short crested waves resulted in smaller responses in all the motions than that for long crested waves. Hence, it would be appropriate to consider the short crested wave statistics for the optimum design.
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V.J. Kurian, C.Y. Ng and M.S. Liew, 2013. Dynamic Responses of Truss Spar Due to Wave Actions.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 5(03): 812-818.
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