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The Establishment of Supply Chain with Game Model of Competition and Cooperation | Hu | Journal of Software
Journal of Software, Vol 7, No 3 (2012), 670-677, Mar 2012

The Establishment of Supply Chain with Game Model of Competition and Cooperation

Xianwu Hu


The relationship between competition and cooperation in supply chain enterprises is not only affected by the factors inside the chain, but also by the competition chain. We choose two-level supply chain in this article, and discuss the four competition and cooperation states of manufacturer and retailer under the same market structure with reference chain, that is, cooperation-cooperation, competition-competition, competition-competition, cooperation-competition, competition-cooperation to establish models and solve. The result of analysis shows that the supply chain utility of cooperation-competition is effective, designing and analyzing the operation mechanism of cooperation-competition model. When the market profit rate is high, the satisfaction proceeds value of manufacturers is small, the cooperation proceeds distribution mechanism of manufacturer and retailers is easily determined.


supply chain, competition and cooperation , game model



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