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Homeless: methods of producing biographical narratives - Revista S�sifo

S�sifo Educational Sciences Journal Educational Sciences R&D Unit of the University of Lisbon  Edited by Rui Can�rio and Jorge Ramos do � ISSN: 1646-6500

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Adult Education: policy and practice

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Homeless: methods of producing biographical narratives

Autor: Susana Pereira da Silva +

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The text gives an account of a research, still under way, focused on the dynamics of socialization of adults who live or have lived on the streets. In general, it will be structured in three main levels: i) a macro, aimed at analyzing the social policies introduced in the last twenty-five years to combat poverty; ii) a meso, which will characterize the organizations working with this sector of the population; iii) and a micro, which will deal with two groups of people who live or have lived in a homeless situation.  To achieve this last level, I am conducting interviews of a biographical nature with the aim of identifying the reasons that lead people to a homeless situation. In this present text – still with a methodological and explanatory slant about the theoretical architecture of the research – I reflect on the practices and processes to be taken into consideration in the collection of biographical material: the ethical questions related to the access to the field, decisions regarding selection of and meeting with the interviewees, the dynamics of the interviewee-interviewer interaction, as well as, obviously, discussing the role of the latter in the co-production of the biographical narrative.

About the Author:

Susana Pereira da Silva (moc.liamg@avlisp.anasusREVERSETHIS) -

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences | University of Lisbon

Biographical interview, Biographical narrative, Homeless, Life histories.
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