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A Novel Algorithm for Color Space Conversion Model from CMYK to LAB | Hu | Journal of Multimedia
Journal of Multimedia, Vol 5, No 2 (2010), 159-166, Apr 2010

A Novel Algorithm for Color Space Conversion Model from CMYK to LAB

Juan-li Hu, Jia-bing Deng, Shan-shan Zou


Color space conversion has become a very important role in the image acquisition, display and the transmission of the color information in the replication. Printers and Image setter express color by CMYK space. But if color is edited and corrected in the CMYK space, it will cause a greater loss of color, and the Computing of computer will also be slowed down. So it often needs to be converted to a LAB uniform color space. Among the previous conversion methods, there is a widespread problem that is dark color tones is a little larger. In view of the problem above, we put forward a non-uniform segmentation method: with Prism geometry linear interpolation method and Pyramid linear geometry interpolation method, doing color modeling for color inkjet   printer, realizing the conversion of CMYK and LAB (positive) color space; Meanwhile, we explore technical difficulties and the realization process of this method and give a comparison with these two testing results. Through the analysis of the results of the modeling, it can be seen that: The feature of these tow color space conversion methods we proposed in this paper is small in chromatic aberration, effective and simple. This method can also be applied to other color space conversion.


CMYK;Lab,;Pyramid geometric linear interpolation; Prism geometric linear interpolation;color difference


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