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Relationship between Cognitive Deficits and Self-care Instrumental Activities Daily Living in Schizophrenic Patients in Qom's Psychiatric Ward, 2010 | Akbari | Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal

Relationship between Cognitive Deficits and Self-care Instrumental Activities Daily Living in Schizophrenic Patients in Qom's Psychiatric Ward, 2010

V Akbari


Background and Objectives: Although schizophrenia disorder is not a cognitive dysfunction, it often results in cognitive deficit. Self-care is a life skill which weakens in neuro-cognitive disorders. Since relationship between cognitive deficits and self-care in schizophrenic patients is not yet known, the survey was done to clarify the relationship between cognitive deficits and self-care instrumental activities daily living in schizophrenic patients.


Methods: The present study is of descriptive type, wherein 58 schizophrenic patients of psychiatric ward at Nekoo'ee hospital, Qom, were selected by population sampling. Data collection tools were PASS (for measuring the instrumental skills in daily living activities), and LOTCA-II (for measuring cognitive status). The analysis of the data was done by means of Spearman and Pearson correlation test, showing the significant level of p>0.05.


Results: The results showed that between the seven cognitive domains(Orientation, Visual Perception, Spatial perception, Motor praxis, Visuomotor organization, Thinking operations, Attention and Concentration) and the aspects of self-care (independence, safety, quality and process of the task) there exists a significant relationship in schizophrenic patients, p=0.000


Conclusion: The present study displays a significant relationship between cognitive deficits and self-care instrumental activities in schizophrenic patients. Thus, by fortifying and improving the cognitive skills, we can effectively increase proper function in treatment planning of schizophrenic patients.



Schizophrenia; Memory Disorders; Self Care; Lotca-II, Pass


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